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Why Term life insurance?

Why Term life insurance?

Because we ALL should consider giving our families Peace of Mind

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 Guardian life insurance company of America (Guardian), has been helping people protect there futures and secure there lives for more than 150 years. Every day, we serve approximately 27 million people through a range of insurance and financial products. As one of the largest mutual companies, we know what matters most: Putting the needs of our customers first. Because everyone deserves a Guardian.

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Its been in the planning process, But with the advent of COVID-19, Insurance Companies have made significant adjustments and enhancements to better serve there clients.

Listed below, are some of the features and benefits of life insurance

$ COST $

$ COST $

Term life insurance is a very affordable option for many!

Terminal Illness Rider

Terminal Illness Rider

Certain policies allow a one-time acceleration of death benefit with a qualifying illness

Charity Rider

Charity Rider

Certain policies will add an extra death benefit to be paid to the charity of your choice! over and above the amount paid to your beneficiaries

Supporting those you love

Help protect your family, While supporting your favorite Charity

When you buy a life insurance policy, you are making a promise to your loved ones that you will help take care of them

Let your life insurance reflect your values

Help Protect the financial confidence of your family

Many of us have a charity or non-profit that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Now, with certain policies, you can show support to that cause.

Create a legacy

Give back to the community

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